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一年一度的國際顯示周(SID Display Week 2019)在美國“硅谷之都”圣何塞盛大開幕。美國西部時間5月13日,國際信息顯示學會評選出了全球信息顯示領域杰出貢獻者。

SID榮譽與獎項委員會主席Shin-Tson Wu博士


David Sarnoff產業成就獎是針對在全球顯示產業發揮了卓越領導力,產生了長遠影響,被業界廣泛認可的杰出貢獻者而設立的獎項。

王東升以其極具前瞻性的產業洞察力和創新推動力,對中國及全球半導體顯示產業的發展做出具有引領和實踐意義的突出貢獻306彩票注册,獲評David Sarnoff產業成就獎306彩票注册。



國際信息顯示學會官方雜志Information Display評論稱:




面向物聯網時代,王東升還創造性提出“開放兩端 芯屏氣/器和”的物聯網發展戰略306彩票注册,倡導開放應用端和技術端的業務,與全球伙伴攜手合作306彩票注册、共創共贏。






Staying Focused and

Committing to Innovation

--David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Prize

Acceptance Speech

Wang Dongsheng

Thank you, Chairman Dr. Wu.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It just occurred to me that my first time ever giving a speech in English, was the keynote speech I delivered at the Display Week 5 years ago. I would like to thank SID for giving me another chance to improve my “less-than-perfect” English. I made myself cue cards, in case I get stuck.

I am very grateful to the SID Honors and Awards Committee for giving me this award. It would not be possible without my colleagues at BOE, my industry partners and my family for all their support and help over the years.

BOE was founded 26 years ago, and since its founding day, we have never stopped growing. The key for us has been staying focused and committing to innovation.

I founded BOE when I was 36, now I’m 62. I have had one primary focus for 26 years, that is display. The idea of entering FPD industry came to me in 1994, when I realized that CRT would eventually be replaced. My first move was setting up a research team. After repeated study and analysis, in 1998 we decided to focus on TFT-LCD. This was not a fast or easy road for us to travel. From the initial idea to our first Gen5 TFT-LCD fab in 2003, it took us 8 years to think and plan. And till now we have been full engaged in this industry for 16 years.

I believe that you either don’t do something or you do it at your best-it is that philosophy that has guided BOE to where it is today. Over the years, we have stayed wholeheartedly and firmly focused on the display industry despite of the doubts and difficulties we faced along the way-and it’s paid off.

In 2018, BOE’s TFT-LCD shipments continued to rank number one in the world. Our shipments of LCD panels for mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, monitors and TVs ranked first globally. Meanwhile, BOE is also among top players in flexible AMOLED and micro-display.

Our leading position is helping our customers continue to deliver more and more innovative technologies and products.

Committing to innovation is the core of BOE’s culture. Through persistent innovation, we provide our customers with products and services of increasingly better technologies, quality and cost performance.

BOE has been always investing a lot in R&D; Our patent applications continue to grow each year, exceeding 9,000 in 2018. For three years in a row, BOE has ranked among TOP 10 in International PCT Applications released by WIPO. We are also among TOP20 in USPTO Patent Assignees released by IFI Claims, ranking 17th in 2018.

We will never stop aiming higher. We are speeding up transformation towards AIoT and smart healthcare businesses through innovative technologies and products. We’ve made great progress so far, and welcome deeper collaboration with our global partners to achieve industry breakthroughs by win-win solutions.

Looking back at BOE’s history, I am really proud that we have developed an excellent team, who have been driven by the culture of staying focused and committing to innovation. I have full faith in BOE’s bright future, whether I am at the helm or not.

As for myself, I am still vibrant, open and curious, and will continue to pursue my drive and passion for innovation.

Thank you again!


專心專注 持續創新

——David Sarnoff產業成就獎獲獎感言








從1994年最初的想法到2003年第一條TFT-LCD 5代線,我們花了8年時間來論證和計劃;從第一條TFT-LCD 5代線開始到現在,我們又扎扎實實做了16年。





一直以來306彩票注册,京東方在研發方面不吝投入。我們專利申請量每年都在增長,2018年達到9585件。WIPO全球國際專利申請排名中,我們連續3年位居前10,2018年PCT國際專利申請量名列全球第7。我們是美國IFI Claims授權專利排行Top20的企業,2018年排名第17。






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